If you’re ready to take your small business online with its first website, determining your goals and laying the proper groundwork first will set you up for success down the road. With proper website launch preparation, you’ll have everything in place to gain maximum ROI once the site goes live.

In this article, we’ll discuss key steps to take before contracting with unlimited web design companies like Ducky Unlimited to develop your new website. Following these best practices will ensure a smooth rollout that establishes your brand online and helps customers find you immediately.

Define Your website goals

Begin by jotting down your top 2-3 goals for your new website. Is it primarily meant to generate more sales leads? Showcase your products/services and gain new customers? Enhance your company’s reputation as an industry leader? Knowing exactly what you want the site to accomplish focuses efforts and allows measuring performance effectively later on.

Optimize Your website Domain Name

Select a relevant domain name that properly represents your brand and is easy for potential customers to remember and type correctly. Also check similar domains aren’t already taken that could cause confusion. Consider variations if your top choices are gone. Website designers can register domains as part of their unlimited web design packages.

Ensure Smooth Website Design Process

Before contracting a company for unlimited web design and development services, confirm their process for collecting information, building mockups and getting your input/approval at every step. Opt for transparent collaboration that garners buy-in via feedback loops and prevents drastic changes late in the game. This partnership foundation precedes a smooth launch.

Conduct Competitive Website Analysis

Become very familiar with your top 3-5 industry competitors’ websites – both strengths and weaknesses. Note features, content and user experiences that draw you in as a customer versus those creating friction. Brainstorm how your new site can outperform rivals in surfacing your unique value propositions. Competitive analysis helps plan a strategically superior presence.

Refine Your website Copy

Start crafting compelling website copy highlighting your unique selling propositions (USPs), benefits and value to targeted customer personas. Consumers prefer authentic, customer-centric messaging that solves their problems versus self-centered boasting. Think about the customer journey on your site and what text best incentivizes desired actions like contact or purchase at each stage.

Develop Your website Content Calendar

Plan valuable, informative website content you’ll publish consistently to build trust and authority over time. Consider core pages, blog posts, videos, infographics and more with a set cadence across multiple distribution channels. Unlimited web design packages from experts like Ducky Unlimited can include content creation as part of their all-inclusive monthly service packages.

Target Keyword phrases for SEO

Undertaking keyword research identifies top-intent phrases prospects use to search for your products/services that you can optimize pages to rank for orgaincally. Tools that analyze search volumes, difficulty and related keywords help focus efforts where traffic and conversion opportunities exist cost-effectively. Search engine optimization planning supports measurable launch success.

Enroll in Google My Business

Verified Google My Business listings appear prominently on local map search results. Rich profiles help connect prospects to your business through photos, service information, reviews and calls-to-action – a major component to most consumers’ discovery process today. Claiming, optimizing and monitoring your GMB helps searches and clicks transfer seamlessly once your new website launches.

Build an Email Contact List

Capture prospects’ email addresses with lead magnet offers in exchange for valuable content they want. Developing your email marketing subscriber list in advance builds an audience ready to receive launch announcements, specials and more ongoing communications driving engagement and repeat visits to your new website. Especially valuable if utilizing marketing automation via unlimited designs.

Launch on Social Media Profiles

Creating and optimizing business profiles across major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn gives prospects additional ways to naturally engage with your brand leading up to and around your launch. Posting consistent, shareable web and social trailer content drives awareness and interest before unveiling unveiling your main online presence.

By diligently following these tried-and-true website launch planning steps, you equip your new online marketing efforts for success right out of the gate. This critical groundwork saves time and frustration later while giving your brand the best opportunity to gain immediate traction, traffic and positive ROI. Let us know if you need quality unlimited web design and development services for your launch!